This page is intended to guide all prepaid expense card users through our Group policy for making purchases.

Please watch the generic 1-minute video first, then read the steps below to see how this system is applied specifically in 5th Stapleford.

Please watch this 1-minute video by the creator of OSM before using your Expense Card.

Group Policy:

Set up / prepaid card approval

  1. To set up an OSM expense card, the request must be made to the Group Scout Leader (GSL) & Chair of Trustees for authorisation. The Group Treasurer is then able to set up a cardholder account.
  2. Each cardholder is allocated a set balance amount as agreed upon by the GSL & Chair of Trustees.
  3. If you require your balance to be topped up/changed, please contact the Group Treasurer for authorisation. These can usually be actioned on the same day, provided the top-up request is reasonable.

Confirming your details on OSM

Once you are registered for an OSM expense card (done by the Group Treasurer), you will need to log into your leader OSM account to confirm the following details before the card will be sent to you:

  • Your postal address
  • Phone number
  • Date of birth

Setting your PIN

  1. On your Dashboard, go to Expense Card and click on ‘Manage.’
  2. You will then be able to change the PIN linked to your OSM expense card.

Activating your card

  1. To activate an OSM expense card, log into your OSM account.
  2. On your dashboard, go to Expense Card and click on Manage.
  3. Click on Activate/Deactivate to manage your card’s status.

Using the OSM expense card

  1. Prior to first use, please ensure that you have activated your expense card and have set a PIN.
  2. When using the card in person, you will need to use it as Chip & Pin insert for the first transaction. After this transaction, your contactless function will be active for purchases up to £100.
  3. Online payments are made as per the usual method of entering the long number, expiry date and security code.
  4. Ensure that the billing address for online purchases made using the OSM expense card matches the postal address that you provided (your home address).

IMPORTANT! DO NOT use Apple Pay, Google Pay or Android Pay – we are charged a fee for every purchase not completed using the actual card (i.e. tapping your card or using chip/pin).

Reconciling transactions

  1. When you log into OSM, on your dashboard view, outstanding expense transactions will be available for reconciling.
  2. Click on Reconcile and you will then see a window showing all the transactions that require categorising. Click on Categorise next to the transaction to be reconciled.
  3. Update the ‘Details/Reference’ text box to indicate WHAT the purchase is. If there’s an invoice number, include that in the reference text box too.
    • For example: “ – Ingredients for Beavers pancake night” OR “White Post Sleepover Invoice 35642″
  4. Under ‘Category‘, choose the budget line from the drop-down list (e.g. ‘Meetings – Beavers‘).
    You will only see the budgets that relate to your role so if you’re doing something extra for another section, please email the Group Treasurer so that this can be allocated to the correct budget.
  5. Leave the ‘Item‘ blank (‘None’) unless you are expecting to need to track income versus expenditure (profit/loss) on the item you are reconciling. To determine if you need to complete the “Item” field, please see below:
    • YES – if you purchase products that will be sold by the Group.
      E.g. Purchasing special badges which will then be sold for a higher cost (fundraising).
      Since there would soon be income linked to the spend, it would be beneficial to create an item to allow us to track profit/loss linked to a particular project.
    • NO – products purchased for programme/event use that will not be sold.
      E.g. marshmallows/craft materials/food that is used as part of the meeting/event.
      As there will be no income arising from these, it’s only ever going to be an expense!
    • NOTE: if unsure, please leave blank! The Group Treasurer will be in touch if further information is required to correct categorise the transaction(s).
  6. Click the ‘Upload Receipt’ button and make sure to upload a clear photograph of the receipt(s) / PDF invoice(s) showing the entire amount and payment details.
    • Please also attach any supporting evidence as required – for example, on a large expense, it would be valuable to upload the invoice AND booking form so the Scrutineer can see the booking info that the invoice relates to.
  7. Once you have checked the details and correct receipt(s) have been uploaded, click Save to complete the reconciliation.
    • NOTE: You cannot edit the submission after this – any amendments must be emailed to the Group Treasurer.
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Troubleshooting – Common Issues

Help! My receipt covers multiple ‘categories’ because some of the items are for Squirrels meetings and some of the items are for a Scout camp! These are different budgets! What do I do?

When a single receipt upload covers multiple budgets/categories, simply edit the ‘amount’ on the first row.

The system will automatically work out what’s left and move it to a second/third/fourth row, depending on how many categories you need.

Editing the ‘amount’ allows you to categorise a receipt under more than one area.
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Accepted receipt formats for uploading to OSM

  • For physical receipts, please ensure that a clear photo is taken where the text is clearly visible.
  • For digital receipts, a PDF copy will suffice. Print to PDF is an option for when a PDF ready invoice isn’t already available.
    Alternatively, print out the invoice before scanning it as a PDF.

Updating personal details linked to the OSM expense card

Currently, there is no feature to self manage the personal details linked to the OSM expense card.

Please contact the Group Treasurer with the required details to be updated. This will then be managed directly with Stripe, our payment provider.

Your card is LOST or STOLEN

  1. If you’ve had your card stolen then, most importantly, make sure you’re safe first! Then….
  2. Login to OSM – click ‘Manage’ and ‘Deactivate’ your card. This will stop anyone using the contactless function etc.
  3. Send an email to the Treasurer and Group Scout Leader (GSL) to report the incident.


The Group’s Trustees reserve the right to withdraw the use of an expense card, at any point and without notice, if it is suspected the card is being used improperly, or the above policy is not consistently being applied.